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Well versed in the in’s-and-outs of the educational system, Thomas J Gaudreau enjoys spending his free time engaging in some light reading and writing. In fact, with lots of prior experience mentoring and teaching, Thomas believes that the best way to keep the mind sharp, is to always either read or write, if not both. In addition to being a good way to keep the mind sharp, Thomas believes that critical thinking through creative writing helps an individual think outside the box. Therefore, whenever he gets the chance, Thomas enjoys writing blogs and having them published on Medium.

Medium is a popular online blog-sharing platform. On Medium, anyone can create an account and write about a topic that they are passionate about. For Thomas, he has written and published several entries. Most notably, he has expressed his opinions on being a leader in the world place. As a former principal, mentor, and superintendent, the ability to lead is a detrimental skill to possess. In addition, Thomas J Gaudreau has also blogged about his personal life, mainly how he manages to achieve work-life balance.

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Thomas Gaudreau on The Value of Continued Education in Your Workforce

Taking steps to ensure the education and skill level of a workforce continues to increase is a wise move for any company or organization. It benefits both the employee and the company. When a worker’s education and skills continue to improve throughout the time they are with a company, they feel better about themselves and they are able to give more to the company.

Thomas Gaudreau on Why it Pays to Reimburse Staff Education Expenses – Business

How an Educated Workforce can Boost Your Business. There can be no reasonable doubt education and training are the key to improved performance. They also contribute to lower costs and higher revenues at nearly any place of business. Leaving aside the performance gains for personnel in sales, manufacturing and customer service, the accumulation of institutional knowledge and the strategies …

Educational Leadership – Thomas Gaudreau | Official Website

One of the main pillars of today’s society is education. With plenty of years of experience and many significant achievements, Thomas Gaudreau proved to us that there’s nothing that can’t be done if you have motivation and access to education. As a teacher, you’re responsible for the education of the next generations and you need …

Education Innovations – Thomas Gaudreau | Official Website

We live in a world that’s more open than ever. Technology advances really quickly and what seems to be a dream yesterday is a reality today. In a world where technologically grows so fast, one of the questions that we are yet to answer is: What do we teach our children?

Thomas Gaudreau on technology in the classroom – Thomas Gaudreau | Official Website

There is no denying that technology has found its way into almost every aspect of everyday life. Most people have a cellphone, tablet, or personal laptop computer. A topic of great debate, however, has been technology’s place at school. In elementary and high school especially, teachers have to constantly remind students to put their phones …

Thomas Gaudreau explains how teachers benefit society – Thomas Gaudreau | Official Website

Elementary school, middle school, and high school teachers, and even college and university professors as well as instructors are usually considered necessary cogs in society. One could even say they are as necessary as police officers, firefighters, and medical personnel. But have you ever stopped to think about how teachers actually benefit society as a …

Professional development – Thomas Gaudreau | Official Website

Like many other careers, educators greatly benefit from professional development, continuously evaluating and honing teaching methods and strategies to motivate students. Thomas Gaudreau, an educator and former principal, shares the importance of professional development for teachers. What is professional development? Many teachers seek out professional development opportunities either through their employer or on their own.

Thomas Gaudreau on STEM education – Thomas Gaudreau | Official Website

Children and adolescents frequently wonder about what they want to be when they grow up. What are the most common answers? Many young children tend to sway towards careers they consider to be the most “fun,” and hope to become singers, teachers, or even astronauts.