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Thomas Gaudreau is a mentor, coach, staff trainer, principal, human services caseworker, and finally, founding director of an alternative school. With a wide array of professional experiences under his belt, Thomas has spent years traversing the different sectors of the institution of education.

Higher Education

thomas gaudreau suit tieIn 1982, Thomas Gaudreau earned his Bachelor’s Degree from the esteemed University of Wisconson Eau Claire. His degree was in elementary education and he began his professional career as a middle school teacher. In his very first teaching position, he found himself assimilated in the community and culture of a small rural area. There, the population consisted largely of migrant workers that focused on the sheep ranching industry. While he was there, he learned a lot about the Hispanic community. In addition, he served as a coach for a number of athletic programs, including basketball and track and field.

In addition to his undergraduate degree, Thomas also completed his Master’s Degree at the University of Minnesota at Minneapolis. While completing his master’s degree, he also worked as an elementary school teacher as well as staff trainer. During this time, he demonstrated talent and leadership skills so impeccable that the principal of the school recognized his devotion. Eventually, the principal recommended Thomas to expand his field to administration.

Professional Career

After teaching in his first position for a few years, he decided to move back to Minnesota. There, in Southern Minnesota, Thomas Gaudreau worked as an Intermediate Grades Teacher. His passion for leadership, employee development, as well as curriculum development evolved alongside his career. In fact, he began shouldering additional duties including:

  • Supporting student teachers
  • Mentoring Beginning teachers
  • Coaching peer teachers in curriculum innovations as well as the use of instructional technology
  • Chosen to represent the School District as a Technology Assessor for the North Central Accreditation Association
  • Represented the School District as a Social Studies, Subhect Matter Expert in an instructional standards cohort for the Minnesota Department of Children, Families, and Learning
  • Represented his fellow teachers as the Teachers’ Union President, Chief Labor Contract Negotiator, and Teacher Rights Chairman
  • Chosen to lead the District Wide Staff Development Committee (responsible for all professional development throughout the school district)
  • Worked in conjunction with School Board, District Leaders and Teachers to organize and develop a week long Teachers’ Institute each summer that enabled all staff to gain intensive, comprehensive and targeted staff development focused on latest trends in Education or Best Practices (topics included: instructional technology, teaching students in poverty and instructional best practices
  • Completed his administrative internship by providing innovative leadership to the district wide 21st Century Summer Learning Academy for struggling students in grades k-12

Thomas Gaudreau – Legacy

thomas gaudreau wooden library

On his official website, Thomas wishes to reach out to teachers, students, educators, and anyone who shows interest in learning new ideas and self-improvement. In addition, Tom values the importance of a robust professional network and constantly desires to expand it. Through the use of this website, Tom also wants to inspire others. By acting as a pillar of inspiration, he wishes to encourage other like-minded individuals to step into the world of education and administration.

Aside from connecting with and inspiring others, Tom Gaudreau also yearns to humbly showcase his professional achievements and accomplishments. More specifically, throughout his active professional years, he made appearances in the media several times. He has been featured on various exclusive interview platforms such as Inspirery and Ideamensch. On these platforms, he discusses early life, professional career, and ideas on obtaining success. In addition, he has also been featured in a few professional articles. In these articles, he expresses his opinions on the current educational system and ways to improve it. Last but not least, he has written and published numerous blogs on Medium and wishes for others to connect with him there.

“An Investment In Knowledge Pays The Best Interest”