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Education Innovations

We live in a world that’s more open than ever. Technology advances really quickly and what yesterday seemed a dream is a reality today. In a world where technologically grows so fast, one of the questions that we are yet to answer is: What do we teach our children? What’s important for them to know in an era where everybody has a device that can access almost any information?

A teacher’s job in today’s world is probably more complex than it ever was before. Nowadays just going in the class and teaching them the subject is not enough. In order to be a good teacher and an innovator, you have to be your class’s leader, your pupils’ friend and a person that inspires them to study for the class. Making children curious about the subject that you are teaching is the key to being an innovator.


Thomas Gaudreau – An Innovator

When he started his career as a teacher at a school in rural South Dakota, Thomas Gaudreau realized that the education system needs to constantly grow. As technology advances, the children become more and more distracted and the schools have to come up with new ways of attracting the students.

A small innovation in the classroom such as project-based learning can encourage students to socialize and learn at the same time. Getting to know the students and creating connections between them while teaching them a class might seem a hard, even impossible thing to do but Thomas Gaudreau managed it. Using his leadership skills and following the news in education innovation, he developed a teaching strategy that modelled the minds of his pupils in a very healthy and productive way.


What Innovations can You Try in the Classroom?

One of the most recommended techniques is the whole-child approach. Getting to know your pupils and developing a teaching method that fits their needs is one of the best ways to teach a class. By understanding your pupils’ needs, you can develop a personalized teaching program that will highlight their abilities. By applying the whole child technique, you become your pupil’s friend.

Working in small groups can also improve the quality of a class. By making them socialize while studying, you are making the learning process easier and more fun. This innovation has many advantages and creates a friendly yet competitive spirit that will motivate the children to pay attention in class.

Children in 2018 have amazing technology skills and they can amaze you if only you give them the chance. Encourage them to use their digital skills in order to complete the assignments. This is a great way to innovate your teaching method.

Taking educational leadership skills can teach you how to be a fun, innovative teacher. Thomas Gaudreau considers that it is very important that a teacher is also a good leader. While you are in a classroom you need to make children listen to you – a job that seems very hard in 2018 when children have telephones in their pockets.

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