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Educational Leadership

One of the main pillars of today’s society is education. With plenty of years of experience and many significant achievements, Thomas Gaudreau proved to us that there’s nothing that can’t be done if you have motivation and access to education.

As a teacher, you’re responsible for the education of the next generations and you need to be prepared to answer any question the pupils might have. Thomas Gaudreau realized that and he took ownership of the classes he taught. He realized that it was very important that he taught children not only how to achieve good grades but also how to be successful people.

Times have changed and teachers have to keep up by learning how to communicate with the new generations. In 2018 it is not enough for a person to know how to teach a class, educational leadership skills are also required in order to provide a first-class education. Thomas Gaudreau understood that and now he’s a Curriculum Consultant to the Texas Education Agency so he can share his experience with others.

How do you Become a Good Educational Leader?

Learning how to communicate with the pupils and making them accept you as a teacher is harder nowadays. One of the hardest things to do, Thomas Gaudreau says, is to get a pupil’s attention and to distract him from his iPhone while you are trying to teach him something. Most children, especially middle school children, get easily distracted by technology and can lose interest in class very quickly.

Being a good teacher means being able to communicate with students in a way they understand and in a way that makes them want to do the assignments you give to them. This is the reason why we consider that it’s very important for a teacher to be a good leader. Children will listen to a strong, inspiring figure while they will lose interest in someone who doesn’t have leadership skills.

Teaching children is a big responsibility and a very delicate thing to do. As a teacher, anything you say can have an impact on the pupil’s future development so it is important that you lead their minds on a productive, constructive path. In order to do that, as a teacher you should constantly learn new things and evolve professionally. One of the wisest ways to develop yourself if to go to an educational leadership class.

A teacher is the Pack Leader according to Thomas Gaudreau

Children are different and each one of them has a particular way of communicating with us. Being a good teacher and an amazing leader means finding out what is the best way to communicate with each pupil. In educational leadership classes, you can learn how to speak in a way that children want to listen.

For a bright future, we should invest in the education of our children. Being a teacher in 2018 means more than just going to class and teaching them a subject – it means being their leader and friend. It is not enough nowadays to just excel in a certain subject – the ability to make children interested in what you are teaching and the connection between you and the pupil is more important.

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