Elevating the Expectations of Education How Outstanding Teachers Can Influence the Learning Environment

Thomas Gaudreau is a career-long educator and is well versed in many aspects of the educational structure thanks to his experience in various roles including teaching, administration, staff trainer, curriculum consultant, principal, director, and assistant superintendent.

Thomas Gaudreau has experienced first hand the importance of acquiring outstanding classroom teachers who can meet high educational standards. He himself succeeded in bringing two failing school districts up to the standards of the “No Children Left Behind” acts by understanding the key vitality of carefully selecting teachers who will strive for high standards.

Outstanding school teachers will embody infinite positive skills and traits, including these key factors:


  • Displaying empathy


An outstanding teacher will be able to recognize students who require extra guidance and attention. They understand that a struggling student may have extenuating circumstances worth investigating, and will make themselves available to students that need someone to talk to or confide in.


  • Inhabit the classroom


Effective teachers are charismatic and have a natural presence in the classroom. They display confidence and create an inviting environment that students grow to look forward to. Teachers take leadership of the classroom without controlling it, but rather through influence, and can often regain control without ever having to raise volume.


  • Choose Positivity


While teachers may certainly have many factors that they would be entitled to complain about, an outstanding teacher chooses positivity, models resilience, and displays patience and respect. They see opportunity in challenges and encourage students to do the same.


  • Care for themselves


Outstanding teachers require ongoing energy to maintain their excellence. They know that it’s vital to take the time to relax, unplug, and practice self-care in order to maintain their consistent effectiveness. When necessary, they know how to say “no” to extra projects or requests in order to stay focused.


  • Continue to learn


Effective teachers quickly realize that generations constantly change. An outstanding teacher will be a life-long learner and will invest the time to learn how to stay related to the generation that they are working with so that they can continue to connect and influence.

Along with populating schools full of effective and outstanding teachers, Thomas Gaudreau believes that setting and striving for high education standards is important. Not only does this mean meeting state curriculum standards and ensuring that the school is adequately equipped with materials required to do so but going above and beyond those requirements can set a school apart and advance students towards better opportunities for their future.

Thomas Gaudreau suggests that every teacher and parent understand the educational standard for the grade that their student(s) are currently in, and review with the student to help them comprehend the goals that they should be aiming to achieve.  

Educational standards are different than the curriculum, which can be chosen by local communities and educators. Educational standards are state governed and have existed since the early 1990’s, with revisions as recent as 2015.

When high degrees of leadership and effectiveness are being achieved throughout a school as a result of outstanding teachers, it is highly likely that the educational standards will be met and even exceeded.

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