Biography Page

An educator, father, husband, and inspiration to those around him, Thomas Gaudreau has made his mark in education and human services.

Professional Achievements

thomas gaudreau professional achievementAfter the completion of his academia and upon receiving his Bachelor’s as well as Master’s degree, schools in the state were going through a tough time. In fact, many schools were struggling financially. The situation was so demoralizing that graduates from universities were given the heads up that those applying for a teaching position, would have little to no luck. Their resumes were immediately discarded as teaching positions were simply on low demand.

Not one to give up so easily, this crisis did not discourage Thomas Gaudreau. In fact, he continued his search and doubled his efforts. He looked in more places and made sure to make himself stand out from others. Eventually, his search paid off. Thomas landed his first teaching position in South Dakota. The locale was a small suburban community with a diverse and multicultural population. It was primarily a Hispanic community and poverty-stricken. However, as a humble man just looking to kick start his career, this was the perfect opportunity for Thomas. He learned everything he could from this first teaching position. He forced life-long relationships with the local community and remain friends with many of them to this very day.

Eventually, Thomas Gaudreau’s world changed when his demonstrated passion and determination. His compassion for others enabled him to succeed in his career and he was responsible for bringing 2 failing school districts up to the standards of the “No Children Left Behind”.

Thomas Gaudreau – Personal Life

Thomas Gaudreau leaning against treeCurrently residing in Rockford, Illinois, Thomas Gaudreau is a loving husband and a proud father of three. He comes from a long line of teachers and educators. As a matter of fact, his grandmother as well as his mother were both teachers. In addition, his father was a scout leader and he had a ton of positive memories in the scouting program. He relished in being able to teach and help others progress in life.

Being of service has been in the family since forever. Aside from Thomas’ teaching career, his wife is also a music teacher at a local elementary school. In addition, his 18 year old son is in college, studying to become a physical therapist while his 23 year old is in college, training to become a firefighter one day.

Professional Skills

    • LeadershipMentoring
    • Project development
    • Team management
    • Team building
    • Relationship building
    • Teaching
  • Crisis resolution
  • Conflict resolution
  • Training
  • Public speaking
  • Motivational speaking
  • Counselling


thomas gaudreau woodwork samplesAside from his professional achievements and the relationships that he has forged over the years, Thomas Gaudreau enjoys spending his free time perfecting the art of woodworking. It has been a long time hobby of his and he still enjoys doing it to this day. According to Thomas, every single piece of woodwork project is a new challenge. Nothing is every the same, and nothing is every repetitive.

As a hobby, Thomas uses woodworking as a way to de-stress and hone his ability to focus. In addition to focusing, he also uses woodworking as a way to sharpen his attention-to-details skills, as it is the most important skill to have when it comes to woodwork. If one is careless and leaves a sharp edge, the piece becomes not only obsolete, but potentially dangerous.

Similar to teaching students and children in the classroom, if a teacher does not correct a student’s incorrect or malicious behavior, it can go unchecked. When that happens, it can potentially turn into more harmful behavior when the students grows older. As a teacher, and a woodworker, Thomas Gaudreau firmly believes in taking the time to perfect every piece of project he gets his hands on.