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Thomas Gaudreau on technology in the classroom

There is no denying that technology has found its way into almost every aspect of everyday life. Most people have a cellphone, tablet, or personal laptop computer. A topic of great debate, however, has been technology’s place at school. In elementary and high school especially, teachers have to constantly remind students to put their phones away, and in some cases, cellphones are even confiscated.

There are, however, many benefits to using technology in the classroom. Thomas Gaudreau, an educator himself, believes technology is an effective teaching tool.


Most children and adolescents don’t actually enjoy going to school or doing homework. Many consider these acts to be boring and difficult. As a result, they can become detached and unengaged. Using technology for educational purpose combats this problem. As an example, there are many computer games that aim towards teaching children to read and perform basic mathematics. This would be more fun and engaging for many students than a traditional lesson would.

Individual learning

Technology in the classroom also promotes individual learning. By using a device, students can learn at their own pace. Making these devices available will also help students that may be struggling to keep up with their own person lesson plans. Students can also look ahead if they wish to learn more quickly. Thomas Gaudreau says individual learning with technology promotes growth and fosters academic confidence for students.


Some students feel too shy to ask or answer questions in class. Technology allows students to collaborate and participate according to their own comfort levels. Thomas Gaudreau says students can post and comment in online forums to communicate with their peers and help one another. There are also benefits to teachers, as they can be given feedback on assignments and class materials from students.

Preparation for the future

Technology continues to evolve around us. Many people still remember when technology had a limited presence in school. As a result, Thomas Gaudreau says that a large amount of the same people are uncomfortable with technology, but now must use it on a daily basis in their professional careers. Introducing students to technology early on will help prepare them for their futures in work and life. They will become accustomed to consistent digital advancements and learn to adapt quickly.


Technology has made a space for itself in the classroom, as Thomas Gaudreau says it not only provides students with vital life skills for the future, but provides a new way for teachers to deliver material, thus promoting their professional development as well.

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