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With a profound background in education, mentoring, administration, and leadership, Tom Gaudreau has appeared in numerous media outlets.

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Exclusive Interviews

Equipped with a wide array of professional skills and knowledge in education and administration, Thomas Gaudreau has appeared on both Inspirery and Ideamensch. On these interview platforms, entrepreneurs and business owners are invited to discuss their career journey. More specifically, for Tom, he discussed his passion in education and institution as well as his personal life. Moreover, he goes in-depth to talk about the struggles he endured and the obstacles he overcame to become the person he is today. Finally, he briefly touches on his daily routine and how that makes him productive as an individual.

Feature Articles

In feature articles, Tom discusses his views on the current North American educational system. He expresses his concerns as well as beliefs, and how he still firmly supports it. In addition to expression his views, Thomas Gaudreau also shares his insight on staff development and educational leadership. As a former principal and superintendent, these subjects are something that he is an expert in. Last but not least, Patch and Prague Post both featured him on their websites. On these professional article platforms, Tom voices his opinions on outstanding classroom teachers and serving a partner district.

Tom Gaudreau As Seen In The Media


Thomas Gaudreau On Educational Innovation in Pittsburgh

As the nation’s leader in the number of bridges, Pittsburgh is one of the many metropolitan areas worth visiting. And although it offers countless attractions, the Steel City has quite a reputation in many other sectors. One of those pertains to education. Take Pittsburgh Public Schools district, per se.

Thomas Gaudreau – Educator

Give people the tools, knowledge, and understanding and ability to be able to solve their problems themselves. Thomas Gaudreau has spent many years traversing the different aspects of the educational structure. He has become well versed not only in teaching but has positioned himself in administration as well, serving as teacher, staff trainer, curriculum consultant, principal, director, and assistant superintendent of schools.

Thomas Gaudreau – Exclusive Inspirery Interview

There are many educators who begin their professional careers by taking a position in the school of Hard Knocks, but not too many begin with such a colorful and dramatic change in life. However, Educator Tom Gaudreau chose a tough time to pursue a teaching career as a graduate of the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire in 1982.

Thomas Gaudreau Discusses Education, Leadership, and Teaching | Prague Post

Thomas Gaudreau is an educator who spent his entire career working in various roles in teaching, students, and leadership. He started in rural South Dakota where he worked as a middle school literacy teacher. This experience introduced him to the world of education, and he began developing lifelong skills that will play a major role…

Thomas Gaudreau | Crunchbase Profile

Thomas Gaudreau has decades of experience working in the education sector. As a prior educator, teacher, mentor, administrator, principal, a…